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Catalyzer is a financing option especially designed for entrepreneurs and businesses in the early stages, with a clear social or environmental purpose. This pioneer fund is complementary to the financial services offer in Guatemala.

The Catalyzer 1 fund was created with the support of BID-FOMIN and, in contrast to financing being offered today, the financing offered by the Catalyzer 1 Fund seeks to provide financial resources relevant to socially minded companies and inclusive businesses in their early stages, with the following characteristics:

  • - Catalyzer 1is a fund that seeks not only financial revenues, but also social and/or environmental impact revenues in each financing.
  • - Since it is geared towards entrepreneurs at the early stages and micro- and small-businesses with new business paths, related to social impact, it does not require collateral.
  • - The financing is done through an innovating instrument of flexible debt, because it adapts itself to the commercial changes of the company.
  • - It has very competitive rates, repayment periods suitable to the entrepreneurs, and the possibility of incorporating a grace-period.
  • The Catalyzer 1 Fund is linked to the stellar entrepreneurship program Ruta Alterna, which offers expert help and access to a local and international contact net at the highest level.
The plans are to grant financing between US$25,000 and US$45,000 to exceptional entrepreneurs with vision, commitment, and impact business models, from 2018 to 2010

Financing for businesses that bet on positive impact as an alternate pathway of change.