Cultivation Fellow

Are you seeking a career with impact?
Do you wish to apply your business experience to achieve a more sustainable world?
Join the team that is transforming businesses in Central America.

We are a platform that designs, proposes and activates routes of innovation to achieve sustainable, inclusive and profound change. We seek systemic impact, building from the details up.
At Alterna, we believe in a world in which the ability to transform reality can arise from any context; therefore, we activate transformative businesses from the ground up. Since 2011, we have worked with more than 1,500 entrepreneurs to help strengthen and scale the region’s most disruptive and high-impact businesses.

Inclusive Cultivation.

  • 1.2+ million people directly impacted.
  • $35+ million in sales generated by cultivated businesses.
  • 205% growth in sales after the first year of Cultivation.
  • 1,500+ entrepreneurs served in 6 Central American countries.

The fast track to the front line of social innovation.
The Fellowship Program provides a competitive advantage in your professional trajectory and a comprehensive, real-world foundation in social entrepreneurship through a hands-on experience with a pioneer organization in the impact sector. By directly supporting and collaborating with regional social entrepreneurs, Alterna Fellows acquire the critical skills, contextual insights and global network access to advance their careers and catalyze impact.
Specifically, the Fellowship provides the unique opportunity to:

  • Directly support and collaborate with a wide and diverse range of regional entrepreneurs (up to ~60 over the course of an 8-month Fellowship, always depending on the performance of the Fellow and at the discretion of the Alterna team), granting exposure to a variety of business models, sectors and industries
  • Gain a comprehensive and deep understanding of impact business models and the tools, strategies and best practices to develop and scale ventures in an emerging market
  • Connect with a global and wide-reaching network of impact leaders, presenting invaluable opportunities for connections and career opportunities
  • Join the talented, multicultural, fun-loving Alterna tribe that is solving the region’s most important challenges
  • Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the history, culture and reality of Guatemala, the heart of the Mayan civilization and the most diverse country in Central America, with extraordinary access to captivating landscapes, adventures and cultural experiences

You will actively support and lead our Cultivation programs, workshops that guide social entrepreneurs to achieve traction, growth and disruptive social-environmental impact.
Specifically, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and develop as an impact professional through an intensive, in-depth and comprehensive curriculum on launching and scaling impact business models; this consists of an initial multi-week training and continued education
  • Develop sound knowledge in a diversity of sectors, industries, and models, researching markets and preparing for interactions with entrepreneurs
  • Prepare tools and materials for the workshops, continuously monitoring and improving Alterna’s methodology
    Interact directly with social entrepreneurs in the workshops, supporting them in their growth trajectory

Success in this role will be defined by your ability to get up to speed quickly with our leading methodology and play an empathetic, supportive, and practical role for entrepreneurs.


We look for innovators; those who are excited by challenges; those who seek to immerse themselves in problems; those who do not take ‘no’ for an answer and if you like to have fun while working, we will not be disappointed.

Successful candidates have a solid business background and knowledge and have the following experiences and skills:

  • Previous professional experience (ideally 2 to 5 years) in related functions, including but not limited to Management Consulting, Commercial, Start up, and Finance, etc.
  • Ideally a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related careers; Master’s a plus
  • Spanish professional linguistic competency, with excellent written and verbal communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills, complemented by humility, empathy, and cultural sensitivity
  • A proven balance of autonomy and self-motivation with strong team collaboration skills
  • Ability to thrive in an fast-paced environment, manage complexity, and adapt to challenges with minimal resources
  • Knowledge and passion for the social entrepreneurship and impact investment sectors

If you are a purpose-drive professional, looking for a career change, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply seeking for a meaningful role in a development context, Alterna Fellowship is the program for you.
For more information about Alterna and the Fellowship program, visit our website: Questions? Send an email to a member of our team:
To apply, please fill out the application form and short essays through our career portal:


To apply, visit our career portal :
Before filling out the application online, please prepare in separate documents the following:

1) Your resume / CV
2) A document with answers to the short essay questions. Please answer the following questions, in Spanish and in 150 – 300 words.

a. What adjectives would you use to describe yourself? What adjectives would others – a friend, colleague, supervisor, client – use? Why?
b. What specific skills and abilities do you have that make you the best candidate for this position with Alterna’s Cultivation team?
c. Why would you chose Alterna over other opportunities in the impact sector?

Apply now!

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