Transforming reality

ALTERNA is a platform that designs, proposes, and activates innovation pathways in order to achieve sustainable, inclusive and profound change. We seek to impact in a systemic way, building from the details, up.

We create unconventional
of change.

Working as a whole from three points of view that permeate
our practices, relationships, and motivations:

Stimulating Action

By cultivating entrepreneurs and innovators, walking along them, and strengthening their business models with sustainable impact plans.



Strengthening Bonds

Originating live connections that help to reduce social and environmental gaps, exploring development opportunities, and coherent transformation.


Provoking Innovation

Delineating and manifesting opportunities that enable to detonate the structural changes we need to turn ourselves into a solution-based society.


Our Motivation:

Participating in the construction of a more connected, equitable, and empathic world. We work to eradicate the social gaps that bother, frustrate, and worry us the most about the reality we live in like the ones that generate poverty — in the broadest sense of the word — or environmental degradation. We believe that the most noxious fissures for humanity are caused by inequality, disconnection, and apathy. Therefore, we are dedicated to assert a world with more empathy, connection, and equality.

  • Empathy – We are sensitive to the different contexts, motivations and needs of both, society and the individual. We create solutions for generating relevant proposals and with the possibility of transcendence.
  • Connection - We narrow the gap between ideas, people, and spaces, beyond the paradigms that separate them, redefining and reimagining the concept of distances that exists between them.
  • Equality– Collaboration, contribution and reciprocity, are essential elements in order to achieve the genuine democratization of opportunities, and social justice.

We in Alterna,

“work to eradicate the social gaps that bother, frustrate, and worry us the most about the reality we live in.”

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